Journalist Lars Gesing

I am an award-winning international political reporter based in Washington, D.C.

States in Play

States in Play

States in Play is a reporting project exploring the battlegrounds of U.S. presidential elections.

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About Me

I tell stories about politics and people, and I have done so for internationally-acclaimed outlets such as NBC News, ARD German TV, Deutsche Welle and Hamburger Abendblatt.

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My Resume

My Resume

I am an award-winning international political reporter based in Washington, D.C.

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What Others Say About My Reporting

  • “Lars always pitched and produced excellent television news stories. Not only was he reliable, I also valued his judgment and experience on every aspect of newsgathering and production. He is knowledgeable in diverse cultures and languages in Europe. His news writing skills in English are superior to those of his American peers in other journalism classes.”

    Hun Shik Kim, Professor, University of Colorado Boulder
  • “An independent thinker and quick study, Lars happens to agree with me about the unique ontological status of journalism in an increasingly complex mediascape. At a time of technological disruption and a loss of confidence in many sectors of U.S. journalism, I am relieved that students such as Lars – among the best and the brightest in higher education – are still interested in newspaper reporting as a career.”

    Michael McDevitt, Professor, University of Colorado Boulder
  • “Mr. Gesing ‘s commitment is outstanding. He managed to efficiently deal with times of even highest volumes of work. His creativity and innovative ideas advanced our reporting. I especially want to highlight Mr. Gesing’s very organized and very efficient work approach as well as his outstanding analytic abilities.”

    Uwe Bokelmann, Editor In-Chief, Welt der Wunder Magazin
  • “Lars flexibility, commitment and work discipline are outstanding. His writing style is reader-friendly, stylistically confident, articulate and at times pointed. He has a constant ambition to live up to highest standards and is convinced that quality is still the best sales argument.”

    Frank Mares, Online Editor, Hamburger Abendblatt
  • “Lars exhibited notable curiosity about the intersection of American and global politics. Aided by both his educational background and his personal experiences in his native Germany, he contributed valuable insight to our unit’s internal discussions about foreign affairs. He has a natural intellectual curiosity, meticulous attention to detail and willingness to work hard.”

    Carrie Dann, Political Editor, NBC News